Contagionpunk 2020

Well, 2020 is here, and I dunno about you but it’s not the neon-soaked, cybernetic dark future I’d hoped for. Sarah and I are trying hard to get our plans back on track, and we apologize for falling so far off the radar. I know some of you check this site, and we’re really grateful for your dedication. We’re gonna push to update more often.

Right now, Sarah and I are both working on a bunch of different projects, including some tabletop work I’m doing directly for Onyx Path: the Dead Man’s Rust expansion, which I can’t say much about, but I think players will really enjoy!

The second Shadows and Dreams book is definitely still in the pipeline. If folks are interested, maybe we could share some work-in-progress materials at some point.

Regardless, thanks for sticking by us! Stay healthy, be kind to one another, and keep in touch!