2020 Convention Schedule

UPDATE: Well, that went well, didn’t it? 2020 has knocked us for a real loop, just like everyone else out there. All the cons we hoped to go to have been canceled. However, there’ve been a few online opportunities, including a short-notice online-only Onyx Path convention where we played in an exhibition game and ran one of our vigilant training scenarios. We’re keeping an eye out for other opportunities like this, and if such things open up, we’ll announce them here–we promise.

Here’s an update list of our conventions this year. We already attended OrcaCon (Bellevue, WA) in January (and it was AMAZING). We ran two Vigilant D&D missions, played a ton of cool board games (and even won a new game in the Play & Win drawing), hung out with some amazing people, and overall had a blast. We’re already setup to go next year.

We also attended NerdFaire (Lynnwood, WA) for the first time. I won a free entry at OrcaCon. It’s a little one day event with lots of vendors and cosplay. Depending on how things go over the next year, we might look into tabling there next year.

For the rest of 2020 you can find us (Fran and Sarah) at:

March 12-15 Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA). Drop us a message on social media to find out where we are.
April 9-12 NorwesCon (Seatac, WA). We’re just attending, not tabling, but we are willing to run a pickup D&D game if you’re interested. It’s a smaller convention, so we should be easier to find — drop us a message on social media if you have trouble.
July 17-19 Readerfest (Tacoma, WA). We’re going to be speakers at Readerfest!! Check it out at https://readerfest.org/.

August: Alas, we’re going to miss both Dragonflight and Britcon in August. Not only are they the same weekend, but it’s also the weekend of my little brother’s wedding on the east coast. Maybe next year.

September: We may table at RustyCon (Bellevue, WA). Details TBD.

Upcoming Conventions

We love going to conventions and seeing people!

Fran and I will be at Geek Girl Con in Seattle, WA on November 16th-17th. We’ll be selling copies of Vigilant and a few Pathfinder Player Guides for the Scarred Lands.
We’ll also be running short (think 2 hour drop-in) Scarred Lands D&D sessions in the gaming area.

Convention Schedule for 2020:

OrcaCon: Bellevue, WA Jan 10-12. We’ll be running games, signing books, and hanging out!

Emerald City Comic Con: Seattle, WA March 9-12. We’re not tabling, but we will be there all weekend attending as pros, and we’ll have copies of Vigilant with us. Drop us a message if you want to meet up!

NorwesCon: Seatac, WA April 9-12. What we’re specifically doing is still TBD, but we have hotel rooms and will be there for the full show! Could be tabling, reading, and running a game or two. We’ll definitely be socializing with our favorite fellow geeks. We’ll have more details soon.

We’re also looking into attending GenCon (in Indianapolis, ID) from July 29-Aug 2, but that’s still TBD.