New TTRPG books!

Been a few months since our last update, so we’ve got some new content out! For those of you who do follow us here, thanks for being patient. We’re a tiny team, so we mostly interact on social media. But it’s good to have a hub where you can find things in one place!

Anyhow, we have a few bits of news to pass along.

First, Cyberpunk: Tales of the Red has been out for a while now, and it’s gotten a great reception. Fran’s adventure is called Drummer and the Whale, but there are a ton of great stories in there for you to play through.

Second, Fran contributed a full chapter to the upcoming Danger Gal Dossier for Cyberpunk Red, an excellent NPC and faction guide, where she brings the cyberpsychos of the Maelstrom boostergang up to Red level spec and timeline. And that’s just one of 15 nifty new factions, each with a dozen fully-statted NPCs, most of whom you can even buy miniatures of.

We also contributed either writing or editing to three books by the excellent writer Alain Giorla, all for Scarred Lands: Ships of Ghelspad One and Two, and Vigil Watch: Bela-Kay. Alain creates great products, so check those out!

And latest, but definitely not least, we’ve put out a new Scarred Lands supplement! Vigil Watch: The Walled Warren and the Slitherin Broods is a great big in-depth look at an awesome, underused Scarred Lands addition we got with the 5E version. The Walled Warren is a city of slitherin as impressive as any other city on Ghelspad’s eastern coast.

Except maybe Mithril. They have that cool golem.

Anyhow, the book adds a bunch of new NPCs, special materials, feats, backgrounds, and adventure ideas. Oh, and a whole city, complete with maps and detailed descriptions. And it updates the slitherin broods from the 3E Warrens of the Ratmen that didn’t make it into the Creature Collection.

And it gives you playable statistics for all the broods, so you can create a Red Witch slitherin PC. And it uses Yugman’s new rules for heritages, so you could, if you wanted to, create a halfling PC who grew up among White Wraith slitherin.

It’s pretty great. You should go get that, especially because it’s discounted right now in honor of Onyx Path Con.