Cyberpunk: Tales of the Red Coming Soon!

R Talsorian Games has now officially announced Cyberpunk: Tales of the Red, a collection of adventures for Cyberpunk RED. Why are we mentioning it? Because Fran is writing one of the adventures! Fran has been a Cyberpunk fan since high school. She’s worked on several projects with the Talsorian crew in the past, but always as an editor. This is her first chance to add to the Cyberpunk canon. This product has some remarkable talent working on it, so look for a high-quality collection!

Contagionpunk 2020

Well, 2020 is here, and I dunno about you but it’s not the neon-soaked, cybernetic dark future I’d hoped for. Sarah and I are trying hard to get our plans back on track, and we apologize for falling so far off the radar. I know some of you check this site, and we’re really grateful for your dedication. We’re gonna push to update more often.

Right now, Sarah and I are both working on a bunch of different projects, including some tabletop work I’m doing directly for Onyx Path: the Dead Man’s Rust expansion, which I can’t say much about, but I think players will really enjoy!

The second Shadows and Dreams book is definitely still in the pipeline. If folks are interested, maybe we could share some work-in-progress materials at some point.

Regardless, thanks for sticking by us! Stay healthy, be kind to one another, and keep in touch!

Interview with the Authors

Hey, all! It’s been a busy week or so for us. For those curious about how and why we wrote the book, Digital Market Scout just posted an interview with us where we go off into the weeds on all kinds of fun topics: what we love about the Scarred Lands, why we thought Eochaid’s story deserved telling, and how we developed the gruesome combats we put him and his friends through.

We also nerd out a lot, because it’s us. Feel free to chime in here with more questions if you want, and we’ll keep the party going!

Vangal’s Bulging Neck Muscles, it’s Vigilant Aloud!

Still wondering whether you’d enjoy Vigilant? Not interested in reading the previews on Amazon or Barnes & Noble? Well, now you can hear it read with a rich, sonorous English accent on YouTube!

The Gentleman Gamer, an Onyx Path associate, is going through the chapters one by one. As of this posting, he’s on Chapter Two, but there’s a handy playlist that’ll let you keep up with new chapters as they’re added or start from the beginning.

Battle on, Eochaid!

Sarah & Fran on tour – Convention Schedule

Fran and I will be attending the following Conventions in the Seattle Area in 2019 and early 2020:

PaizoCon, May 25th. We’ll running a Pathfinder game that takes place in the same setting as our novel. Check out to sign up.

DragonFlight, August 16-18th. We’ll be running three Vigilant Mission events at DragonFlight this year (11AM, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), so check out their page to sign up:
We may also have copies of Vigilant for sale.

Geek Girl Con, November 16th-17th. Details coming later when we know more. Vigilant Mission game events, books for sale, and more!

OrcaCon, Jan 10-12, 2020. OrcaCon has probably become our favorite local convention. We debuted there this year, in 2019, and we expect to have a significant presence there in 2020. I expect we’ll run some games, and should have news about book two by then!

NorwesCon, April 9-12, 2020. Details TBD.

Past Conventions in 2019:
Signing at Emerald City Comic Con (March 17th)
Reading at NorwesCon (April 21st. It was also our wedding anniversary!)

See you soon!

Vigilant: Available Now!

Vigilant is out in stores. You can purchase the book on Amazon, DriveThru, and Barnes & Noble. Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy it very much.

And we have a special offer, for a limited time: if you read and review the book (on any of the sites) and comment here, Fran Stewart will write you a haiku poem on any subject you want as a small bonus and a thank you for helping us get our book in front of more people.

The more people read Vigilant, the faster we can produce the sequel!

Welcome, Vigilant Readers!

Vigilant, the story of Eochaid Lenahr, a ranger and soldier for the nation of Vesh, is now out in the world and, we hope, being read and enjoyed! 

So far, the book’s not out for sale anywhere. If you have a copy, you’re probably one of the Kickstarter backers for Onyx Path’s new edition of the Scarred Lands Player’s Guide. We hope our book came as a welcome surprise for your patience. 

This is our first novel, and you’re some of our first fans. We look forward to hearing from you about who you are, how you found the book, what you think of it…and where you think Eochaid’s going next. Because even now, even though Vigilant is just reaching readers, we’re already working on the sequel. 

So post comments and let us know you’re out there! 

-Fran and Sarah Stewart