Scarred Lands

Sarah and Fran are the proud authors of Vigilant, a novel set in Onyx Path’s Scarred Lands. It’s a story about a young man who aspires to be a ranger and the many costs he pays to achieve his hopes. Will Eochaid become the hero he wishes to be, or will he merely be a character in someone else’s story?

Watch for us at conventions, where we run Vigilant Missions, games set in the Scarred Lands in and around the events in Vigilant. Play the part of a Veshian Vigilant trainee. Explore the Scarred Lands. Learn what it takes to be in the Veshian Vigil!

Our games are D20 agnostic. Since the new Scarred Lands setting supports both D&D 5th edition and Pathfinder 1st edition, we’ll run using either. If you plan on attending one of our events and have a preference, drop us a line.

Read more about the Scarred Lands in our History of Scarn series.